Friday, October 23, 2015

The Power Of Subliminal Messages (part 2 of 2)

A brief exposure to the image of Israel's flag – so fleeting that people did not even have time to take it in – was enough to cause people to embrace more modest views. Another experiment, carried out weeks before the Israelis pulled out from Gaza, produced the same results and displayed centrist views with respect to the retraction and the presence of Jewish settlers in Gaza and the West Bank.

The third experiment, conducted just before the country's most recent general elections, demonstrated the same results. The subliminal image of Israel's national symbol – the flag – attracted left wing, as well as right wing, Israelis to the political hub. Significantly, the participants who were subconsciously exposed to the national flag stated that they meant to opt for more predominant parties than those who were not intentionally exposed to the subliminal image.

The research proponents then summoned the participants after the general elections and discovered that the subliminally exposed group actually voted more moderately. The subliminal exposure to the national flag demonstrated what appears to be an astonishing effect that is yet to be probed and analayzed.

According to Dr. Hassin, the outcomes were interesting for two basic reasons. First, the results provided reliable empirical proof for the non-conscious means in which national ideas ingeniously affect a person's behaviors and thoughts. Dr. Hassin's research team is now expanding the study to investigate what other dogmas can do so, as well as the ways they are expressed.

Secondly, the outcomes considerably extend the experimental knowledge with regard to the nature of the subconscious processes, as well as the influences of subliminal message. At present, Dr. Hassin and his team are exploring the psychological mechanisms that cause this phenomenon.

The Power Of Subliminal Messages (part 1 of 2)

Information that is processed in the subconscious part of the brain – also known as subliminal messages – can actually influence a person's attitude and behavior. This finding was revealed in a recent study conducted about the subject. The results also suggests that some subliminal messages may produce effects that are opposite than expected. For instance, subliminal exposure to the image of a flag tones down instead of intensifying political attitudes.

Researchers from the Psychology Department of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem state that the studies they have conducted indicate that subliminal messages indeed have a large influence on attitudes and political behavior. This finding was a significant addition to what is already known about the outcomes of subconscious processes.

The studies, spearheaded by Dr. Ran Hassin – a cognitive scientist, reveal that the subliminal image of the national symbol affected not only the political attitudes of the citizens, but also the voting intents and actual casting of votes in the general elections.

In the article entitled "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences", which was published in the U.S. Journal, Hassin's team gave a detailed account about a set of experimentations that analyzed the consequences of the subliminal presentation of their national flag. The research involved more than 300 participants recruited from Hebrew University's Mount Scopus campus.

In the initial trial, the Israeli participants were randomly split up into two groups. They were questioned about their thoughts and feelings regarding the main issues of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Before responding to the queries, half of the participants were exposed to subconscious images of the national flag flashed on a screen and the other half was not. Based on the results, the exposed group had a propensity to veer to the political core.

Monday, October 19, 2015

An Effective Tool for Spot Cleaning and Stain Removal (part 2 of 2)

Although vacuum cleaners can suck out dirt, it will not be able to remove stain and kill viruses or bacteria, which can be harmful to your health as steam cleaners do.

The great thing about getting a hand held steam cleaner is that you will be able to use it almost anywhere. You can even take it wherever you go if you are the type of person who is very particular when it comes to cleanliness.

You can use hand held steam cleaners to dry clean your suit and you can even use it to clean your car upholstery and carpet. Hand held steam cleaners is also great for household use as you will be able to use it for spot stain removal. For example, if your kid spills his or her juice on your carpet, you will be able to remove the stain easily with a hand held steam cleaner. You don’t have to get your large steam cleaner to clean small messes as the hand held one will do.

Some hand held steam cleaners even have bare floor attachment which you can use to clean bathroom and kitchen tiles and surfaces. With a hand held steam cleaner, you don’t have to get down on your knees and start scrubbing to get rid of stains. This device will make life easier for you when it comes to removing small messes and stains. It is very easy to use, very effective, and also very economical and safe.

An Effective Tool for Spot Cleaning and Stain Removal (part 1 of 2)

When it comes to purchasing cleaning devices, getting a hand held steam cleaner can be a great investment. Today, you will see that a lot of companies are now manufacturing hand held steam cleaners. With this device, you will be able to remove stain and clean your home without even scrubbing. Although steam cleaners are often used to clean carpets and upholstery, you will see that a hand held one can be used virtually anywhere in your home that needs cleaning.

You may ask why you should get a hand held steam cleaner. Well, you have to know that steam cleaners are the most effective and safest way to clean surfaces as well as remove stains.

The great thing about steam cleaners is that the high temperature and pressurized steam will be able to loosen even the most stubborn dirt and stain in virtually any surfaces. Once you apply the steam cleaner on the stain or dirt, you will be able to remove it easily with a cloth. You don’t need to scrub off the stain. All you need to do is wipe it off.

Another great thing about steam cleaners is that you don’t need to apply detergents or other harsh cleaning chemicals to clean surfaces. The steam is enough to clean. This means that it will be safe for the person using the steam cleaner as they don’t have to inhale noxious fumes that cleaning chemicals emit.

You also need to remember that steam is a natural sanitizer or disinfectant. Because of the high heat it produces, you will see that the area you clean will instantly be sanitized and disinfected. The heat will be able to kill germs, bacteria, molds, mildew, fungi, and even viruses. As you can see, steam cleaners can thoroughly clean any surface you want to clean.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Why Are Social Networking Sites So Popular (part 2 of 2)

It is very similar to how retailers want to expand markets. They no longer have to go door to door to make a sale but other means to get similar results. A good example is someone who joins a networking site, joins a discussion, sees an opportunity and then takes it. If that member was able to provide quality service, other people will be interested in availing the same products or services as well.

Recruiters have also found better uses for the social networks because it enables them to find the right people whenever there is a job opening. Instead of waiting for an applicant to send their resume after posting an ad in the print publication, they can get referrals of people who are qualified to take on the job without spending any money.

There are some who say that the popularity of social networks will eventually kill web searching. But experts in the industry say that this is not possible because Google which happens to be one of the biggest search engines around and has market capitalization bigger than that General Motors or Ford will not allow that to happen.

While there may be new features in these social networks in the future, people will still have to use search engines when they need information.

Social networking sites are here to stay because aside from maintaining contacts with existing friends and making new ones, there are other things that members can do with it. It just takes someone to think out of the box to find some better use for it which will be welcomed by the public.

It also shows that the creativeness of one person gives forth to new ideas. Without this technology, we won’t have the ability to improve and come up with better solutions.

Why Are Social Networking Sites So Popular (part 1 of 2)

There are hundreds of social networking sites in cyberspace and you can become a member in any of them. Is it a fad? A lot of people say this is not so because it is the best way right now to connect people with the same or similar interests regardless of your age and gender.

Connecting people is achieved by putting yourself out there. This means creating an account and telling a little bit about yourself which is like introducing yourself in front of the class. With other features like blogging tools, uploading photos, videos and music, joining forums and writing comments, you get to personalize it and tell people more about who you are which is something that a lot of people appreciate.

But perhaps another reason why social networking sites are so popular and have thousands of members is the fact that it is free. You can post just about anything online as long as it is not pornographic although some social networking sites allow that.

It is also very popular among entrepreneurs because they are able to use it to promote their business. Although there are other means to do that, why pay for it when you can advertise for free while you are a member.

To stress that point, one study shows that 41% of the members of a certain social networking site are IT professionals. These individuals use it to gain business contacts and gain knowledge about technology.